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We Build Together

We Build Unique Independent Lives Together (WeBUILT) believes that every person deserves to live at their highest level of independence within a community setting. The thought is, if your house was just right, everything would be easier. To achieve this WeBUILT focuses on meeting each individual’s sensory and specific needs. 




Congregate Community

Residents will have their own unit designe for them, but also share the “Party Barn” and come together for dinner every night. Everyone has a seat at the table.

WeBuilt Community

Building Friendships

WeBUILT is designed to help residents knowtheir neighbors, form natural friendships, learn about each other, depend on each other and do life together! This setup decreases the chances of experiencing loneliness.


Custom Built Home

Units are built to the needs and desires of each resident. Not only will each home have the necessary technology and equipment for independence, but also includes choices of the resident for colors, lighting, decorations, etc.

Homes for Life

LLC Ownership

Rather than a deed to a unit, resident families will receive shares in the entire community. This ensures the ability to receive qualified
services and benefits and also allows them to collect possible profit dividends and share in the value and equity built over time.

Investment in the Future

Resident Owners

Residents and their families will own the entire community. No one is making a profit from their living arrangement. Residents are
allowed to make decisions about community rules, activities, menus, etc. and also get to experience the pride of home ownership.

Owning where you Live

Age in Place

As residents age and their need for services increases, the structure for providing those services will already exist. Residents will not need to move to another facility to live out their life.

Dignity and Freedom

Fixed Monthly Expenses

While residents will be required to pay a monthly fee (~$500) to cover utilities, internet, evening meals and activities, this amount will be set yearly and will not change unexpectedly.

A simple way to Thrive

Community Manager

Someone will be available for general support, and to help with socialization, confict resolution and encouragement. This person will give choices rather than directives, but still provide a safety net to prevent residents from harm and/or being taken advantage of.

Always someone there when you need

Small Town Life

The WeBUILT location is close to many services, stores and restaurants. Work opportunities and transportation are available to help our residents thrive in the larger community setting.

The kind of place where everyone knows you

Live at WeBUILT

Community membership buy-in is $125,000. An application, down payment and payment plan are required to ensure a spot. Participation is very limited – make your commitment today!


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